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    2. SERVICE


      Language Pairs and Industries


      More and more Europe clients being said about Asia as the emerging supermarket for all of the world services and products. Companies have long shifted their focus to this most populated continent with one of the highest consumption rates and the innate desire for practically anything thatis "western".


      If you are planning to introduce your product orservice in Asia, you are probably already aware of the necessity to have thatgood translated and adapted to suit this diverse culture.


      Chinese<=>English    Chinese<=>Korean    Chinese<=>Japanese    Chinese<=>Russian    Chinese<=>Thai    Chinese<=>French    

      Chinese<=>Spanish    Chinese<=>Italian    Chinese<=>German    Chinese<=>Portuguese    English>Japanese


      Agriculture, Food     Automotive, Mechanics, Machinery    Transportation, Railway    Construction    Ships and shipbuilding

      Tools & Hardware, Construction Materials    Manufacture    Chemical    Industry    Energy    Petroleum    Natural Gas

      Mining, Minerals and Metallurgy    Biological & Chemical    Chemistry    Mathematics    Physics    Water

      Environment Protection, Ecology    Computing Hardware    Computing Software    IT    Entertainment & Games    Software    

      Real Estate    Electronics    Business Services, Retail    Business    administration management, HumanResources

      Financial, Bank, Stock, Fund    Financials, Taxation    Government, public administration    Furniture, Household and kitchen utensils

      Geosciences, Geography and Astronomy    Health care and Life Sciences    Medical devices    Clinical medicine    Pharmaceuticals

      Legal & Law    Media, Advertising & Marketing    Social sciences & Education    Textile, Clothing & Fashion    History and Events

      Travel, Tourism, Recreation, Leisure and Arts    Hotels    Languages and Linguistics, Literature    Contract    Cosmetic    Anime, Game


      Use Jerome Translation for your translation projects

      Planning on entering Asia with your product? Want to make the most out of every dollar spent toward marketing it abroad?

      Contact Jerome Translation for a free translation quote today!